Amazon is a pioneer in the technological industry, as one of the first companies to fully utilize the internet in terms of online purchasing and selling. In the Operations and Customer Service role at Amazon, employees are constantly encountering challenges that they have never faced, nor have many others faced, giving them the opportunity to improve their innovation and problem solving skills.

The environment at Amazon allows for growth and learning, focusing on honing each associate's skills. Teams are put together to drive continuous improvement in an ever-changing, fast-paced work environment. Leadership opportunities are available at all levels, as long as each person is willing to work hard. Promotion at Amazon is based on leadership skills and good results.


Why Join?

Amazon is a culture of empowerment. That is to say that employees are often entrusted with tremendous responsibility, with the ability to grow and learn as they are given the slack to do so. Amazon's hiring bar is set high, so once they've invested in an employee, they have completed invested in them...View Page

About Amazon

Amazon is based in Seattle, Washington and has made it's way up to the top of Fortune 500's list of companies. Amazon is considered the global leader of e-commerce, started by Jeff Bezos in 1995. The company has expanded exponentially since then...View Page



Amazon Student is a free membership program which is specifically aimed to target college students, a wide consumer base for Amazon. It's no wonder that the company is so fixed on this market, as this is the generation that understand e-commerce and has probably used it more than any other generation. This program launched in 2010, and the idea behind it was to develop quality consumer relationships with students in order to shape their online shopping habits. Since then, this program has become a platform for the company's success.  The student team leads many initiatives at the company, including site personalization, customer lifecycle management, machine learning, social media marketing, and on-campus activations.

Amazon is seeking unique individuals who are passionate about growing their platform in the next few years, with their features aimed at their dynamic, social, mobile, and tech-savvy customer base. To find out more about how you can become a part of Amazon's student team, click here.