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  • ( May-2023 )
  • USA

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I am currently a graduate student pursing my master's degree in biology, and I also have a bachelor's degree in psychology and English. I own and operate several small businesses in the website development, internet marketing, writing, publishing, and photography industries where I utilize skills in business development, brand management, scientific and medical writing, and graphic design. My interests include rare disease awareness, epidemiology, immunology, immuno-oncology, neuroscience, photography, and organic gardening.


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I am currently enrolled in graduate school pursuing a master's degree in biology.

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I am hoping to continue owning and operating my small businesses, pursue an MD/PhD, and expand into the development of biomedical products.

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I enjoy many hobbies, such as baking, arts and crafts, learning new languages, reading, photography, and organic gardening, to name a few.


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