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Honor Society® is a leader in inclusive excellence. Here, every individual—irrespective of their past—is valued and rewarded for their potential. Our doors are open to all, with no restrictions, no requirements — only a commitment to support your aspirations with the resources, scholarships, and networks you need. At Honor Society®, it's not about where you've been, but where you're going. We champion diversity, inspire inclusivity, and celebrate excellence. Take your first step towards greatness with us. Join our community, become part of the change.


“Being a part of Honor Society, I've gotten the opportunity to network with students who want to be leaders and who are excelling academically.”

Julianne Smith

Honor Society® Member Trip, Washington D.C. Participant
Washington State University, Alumni

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New: Limited Edition Honor Society Class Ring

The limited-edition Honor Society® Class Ring is an officially licensed sterling silver member ring. Each ring is individually serial numbered to ensure the ring is authentic and meets our society specifications. Honor Society® rings are minted with precious metals to meet the highest standards of quality for academic jewelry.

Higher education loves Honor Society!

Honor Society was ranked as one of the top "Honor Societies You Should Join" by College
Magazine and a worthwhile dues based organizations in a survey of our members.

Research indicates that there are numerous benefits to student involvement in organizations like Honor Society and reveals that students who are involved:

  • Receive better grades
  • Are more successful in their academic program
  • Are more likely to stay in school and graduate on time
  • Feel more satisfied with their college experience
  • Are more marketable when job searching and applying to graduate school
  • Develop valuable leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Connect better with peers, faculty, and staff members

❤️ Honor Society Cares™

Honor Society® is committed to ensuring that all potential members have access to the opportunities and resources they need to succeed. One of the ways we are fulfilling this commitment is through our Honor Society Cares™ program, which provides need-based financial assistance towards dues for Honor Society members.


Why does Honor Society choose to put inclusivity over exclusion? Because we believe in you. We believe in your unique talents, your potential, and your journey. We understand that grades aren't the be-all and end-all. And we're committed to creating a space where you feel seen, valued, and celebrated, just as you are.

Be part of a society that champions you, that breaks down barriers, and that seeks to redefine the narrative. Because at Honor Society, you're not just a GPA; you're an individual with immense potential, and we are here to honor that.


At Honor Society, mentorship is key. It fuels personal and professional growth, guiding members towards achieving their ambitions. We believe in empowering every individual through personalized support and guidance, fostering an environment where potential transforms into excellence. Be a part of this transformative journey.


Honor Society deeply values mental health as integral to academic and professional success. We champion wellbeing, knowing that a healthy mind is the bedrock of excellence. By prioritizing mental health, we empower members to reach their potential in a supportive, balanced environment. Let's thrive together.


We champion every unique journey and path forward. We are The Honor Society for All.


We ensure Honor Society's doors are open to everyone, including those with disabilities.


We champion equal opportunities and provide tools to bolster every potential member's success.

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