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Our society's goal is to help you succeed, and to connect you with the people and opportunities to help you achieve your goals.
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Elevate - The HonorSociety.org Magazine consists of engaging and relevant articles benefiting your journey as a student during your time in college, and after as an alumni, through your career.
  • HonorSociety.org Members Visit Washington, D.C.
    This summer, HonorSociety.org members from all over the country met up to attend the member trip in DC. These 5 days included site seeing, exploring DC by day and night, and new friendships. The goal of these member trips is to connect the members so that they can establish more networking opportunities and build friendships that will last a lifetime. 
  • HonorSociety.org raises over $20,000 for the American Red Cross International Emergency Responses
    WASHINGTON D.C. (April 1, 2014) – HonorSociety.org held a fundraising campaign this spring to raise money and awareness for the American Red Cross International Emergency Responses efforts. HonorSociety.org raised over $20,000 for the American Red Cross and those affected in disaster areas around the world.
  • Washington DC: I came, I saw, and I would definitely do it again.
    Not sure if you should go on the next Honor Society Org Trip? Well be sure, after reading my article you will see why this trip is for everyone but at the same time gives you a individual experience.
  • Why Are Our Core Values Important?
    As we’ve grown, it has become extremely important to define the Core Values of HonorSociety.org. This is to explicitly and implicitly help all of our members and national committees to flow together cohesively, rooting themselves in the culture and values of our organization. It is important for us to give information on how we lay the foundation for decision making, what our mission is, and how our culture can help members to be the best they can be in everyday situations. You can find our page outlining our Core Values here.   
  • How to Reach Your Goals
      How many times do you find yourself setting a goal, but within weeks, you've either become too busy to reach it, or it's moved down to the bottom of you priority list? If you're tired of feeling that your goals aren't being met, it means that you haven't been setting your goals correctly. We can help you reach your goals with a few simple tips.   First, you want to decide on the outcome and why you want to reach it. Simply defining the goal does not help to motivate you to get it done. Once you establish the "why," it's easier to establish the "how." How would it feel to actually reach your goal? Visualize it. Make it a reality before it's even happened. You will spend less time worrying about how to get there once you have the actual motivation to reach said goal by putting yourself in the moment.   Set a timeline, with steps, on what you can do next. This cuts down on procrastination, which essentially kills goals that have been set. It's also very important to have another person hold you accountable. It's much easier to convince ourselves out of something. When someone else joins in this goal, it makes it harder to back out.  
  • Why Should You Consider Working for HonorSociety.org?
    Why Should You Consider Working for HonorSociety.org? HonorSociety.org is not only a team that works closely together, but we are a family, switching from one role to another when necessary and ensuring that our national team, as well as our members, only receive the very best. We are passionate about helping members find their niche, whether it is in their major, in an internship we’ve helped them acquire, or helping them realize their strengths through leadership, community service, etc. We want our members to succeed, more than anything, and we are committed to giving the very best service. Upon reviewing the environment at our National Office, most find that it is warm and welcoming, as well as technologically advanced and engaging. We believe that the future is now, and as our organization is built on the premise of globalization, connecting and allowing members to network, we are continuously brainstorming with one another, creating an electric, cohesive environment where knowledge and new-age tools allow us to be our very best, while ensuring that members can be their best.        
  • Tips for Motivation
    It's sometimes difficult to motivate ourselves, or even to be motivated by others. A lack of motivation causes us to feel stuck and uninspired, which can take a toll on our productivity. First, get fresh air. When we're not feeling motivated, it is usually do to a lack of stimulation. The best solution? Nature. The best way to become engaged with the world around you is to go on a 5-10 minute walk, without the distraction of electronics. Second, work in chunks of time. Break down projects to schedule 5 minute breaks in between each tasks. While this may seem to stretch the time out, it will actually cause much less of a burn out.  Also, focus on the feeling of it being done, rather than the time it takes to get there. This provides a "light at the end of the tunnel" feeling early on.     
  • Relay for Life: The Fight Against Cancer
    The American Cancer Society (ACS) is an organization that advocates tremendous change in the world of cancer. Every year, thousands of people from over 20 different countries manage to raise over $400 million for cancer recovery and prevention. I'm beyond ecstatic and proud to have been a part of the event that was hosted at my university this year. Not only was Relay for Life another night of victory over cancer, it was a night I'll never forget.  (The cover image was downloaded from NAU's Relay for Life Facebook page.)
  Building Leaders & Showcasing Talent.  
The Roadmap to Success.

"Success is a process that continues, not a status that you reach. If you are alive, there are lessons to be learned."
--Dennis Waitley

Becoming a member of an honor society recognizes your achievements. HonorSociety.org uniquely also focuses on helping you achieve your long-term goals and dreams. Our mission is to facilitate members to realize their highest potential through the advancement of academics, leadership and networking.

The HonorSociety.org Advantage is Clear.
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