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  HonorSociety.org is a Community about Leadership & Showcasing Your Talents.  
Honor societies are a rich tradition with a history that spans over 200 years. HonorSociety.org recognizes the past, present and future of high achievers.
Honor cords, tassels and more. Access to exclusive HonorSociety.org regalia helps you shine on your big day, and have keepsakes for a lifetime. Premium diploma frames and member certificate frames are also available by Church Hill Classics. Visit the HonorSociety.org store to learn more about what is available.
National Recognition
HonorSociety.org membership stands out. Members are recognized with an HonorSociety.org membership certificate, and access to honor cords and tassels for graduation. Proudly display your membership status on your résumé or cover letter.
Career Services
From graduate school preparation to career placement tools, HonorSociety.org leads the way for ambitious students. From the moment you become a member, HonorSociety.org is dedicated to helping you find the career or internship that is the perfect match for you.
Thousands of dollars of scholarships are distributed by HonorSociety.org each month. Get connected to member-only scholarships, as well as a comprehensive scholarship directory. Scholarships available include; Undergraduate Achiever, Graduate Achiever, Member Spotlight, Community Service, and Study Abroad.
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HonorSociety.org recognizes and rewards successful students. Download our PDF to read more about how HonorSociety.org can benefit you!



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Linda Abraham
"That one quality that is valued across the board is leadership, and that is an opportunity that HonorSociety.org gives you. If you can show leadership within the organization, you can take the leadership reigns and start a chapter. You can show that you're going to add a unique stone or distinctive stone to the school's mosaic."

-Linda Abraham

HonorSociety.org Board Member
& Founder of Accepted.com