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Honor societies have traditionally had chapters at universities across the United States, providing in-person networking and community building opportunities for members. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many universities have had to limit in-person gatherings and meetings. Additionally, recognized that having in-person chapters could create barriers to access and exclude students who may not have easy access to a physical chapter location.

To address these challenges and promote inclusion, made the decision to shift its traditional in-person chapters to online-only chapters. By doing so, members can continue to benefit from the resources and community-building opportunities of the organization, regardless of their physical location. Online-only chapters make it easier for members to connect and collaborate with one another, regardless of their geographic location, and allows the organization to be more inclusive of students who may not have access to a physical chapter location.

In addition to promoting inclusion, online-only chapters have also allowed to adapt to the changing needs of its members during the pandemic. By shifting to an online format, the organization can continue to provide valuable resources and opportunities for members to network, learn, and grow, despite the challenges of the pandemic.

In conclusion,'s decision to shift its traditional in-person chapters to online-only chapters was made to promote inclusion and adapt to the changing needs of its members during the pandemic. This decision has allowed the organization to continue to provide valuable resources and opportunities for members, regardless of their physical location, and has made it easier for members to connect and collaborate with one another.

Legacy Chapter Information:

The Honor Society campus chapter program helps build a vibrant academic community of high achievers on campuses across the United States. Our chapters represent a diverse cross-section of universities from private schools, to large state universities, to community colleges. Members lead important initiatives and spearhead elevated discussion, networking and events. Take a look at the campuses that have been founded and chartered below. The chapters below have been established and officially recognized by the universities below and may or may not be currently active. Check with your student affairs department or contact our chapter team for more information about specific chapters. Don't see your campus? Take the initiative to start a chapter, and join our founder's circle. 

Download our PDF to learn more about Chapters and share with others.  For faculty advisors, please reference this document to understand the value you can bring to our Campus Chapters.

Leadership Experience

Leading an honors organization takes discipline. But for those excel in dynamic environments and are motivated for growth, it is an exceptional opportunity to gain real leadership experience. 

Your Talents

Be recognized for your achievements, and commit yourself to pursuing your dreams. Honor Society fosters intellectual growth and the pursuit of excellence within its membership. 

with a Driven Network

A community of like-minded peers and a network of successful mentors helps you stay focused and driven to achieve your long term goals. 

Your Horizons

Experiential education is at the core of Honor Society. Learn by doing, connecting, interacting, traveling and socializing in unique new ways.


Beta Nu

University of Houston

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Alpha Nu Chapter

Historical Platinum Chapter

East Carolina Universtiy

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Alpha Sigma Chapter 

Historical Silver Chapter.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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Alpha Kappa Chapter

Pennsylvania State University

Alpha Iota Chapter

Historical Platinum Chapter 


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Alpha Epsilon Chapter

Historical Platinum Chapter


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Alpha Lambda Chapter

Historical Gold Chapter.

University of Illinois- Chicago

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Alpha Xi Chapter 

Historical Gold Chapter.

Capital University

Alpha Rho Chapter 

Historical Gold Chapter. 

Fort Valley State University

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Alpha Tau Chapter 

Historical Gold Chapter. 

DeVry University at North Brunswick

Alpha Upsilon

Historical Gold Chapter. 

University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign

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Alpha Pi Chapter

Historical Silver Chapter.


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Alpha Beta Chapter

Historical Silver Chapter.

Virginia Commonwealth University

Alpha Omega Chapter

St. Cloud State University

Alpha Alpha Chapter

Historical Silver Chapter.

Northern Arizona University

Alpha Omicron Chapter 

Historical Silver Chapter.

CSU East Bay

Alpha Phi Chapter

Illinois State University

Alpha Gamma Chapter

Old Dominion University

Alpha Delta Chapter

University of Alabama

Alpha Zeta Chapter


Alpha Theta Chapter

Colorado State University


Alpha Eta Chapter

Texas A&M

Alpha Mu Chapter



Alpha Chi Chapter

Washington State University


Alpha Psi Chapter

Mississippi State University


Beta Alpha Chapter


Lamar University


Beta Beta Chapter

Wichita State University

Beta Delta Chapter

Mississippi Valley State University

Beta Epsilon Chapter

University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Beta Gamma Chapter

West Virginia State University

Beta Zeta Chapter

CUNY Borough of Manhattan

Beta Theta Chapter

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Beta Eta Chapter

Wayne State University

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Beta Iota Chapter

College of Marin

Beta Kappa Chapter

Texas A&M University - Central Texas

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Beta Lambda Chapter

Arizona State University


Beta Pi

Georgia Tech University


Beta Omicron

Hardin Simmons University
Missouri State University
University of Colorado Denver

Gamma Alpha

University of Houston - Clear Lake

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Gamma Gamma

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