What is BloomNation?


One very distinct way that BloomNation could be described is Etsy for florists.  

The online floral industry is a small niche where people tend to repeat the same patterns, over and over, simply because they can. Many websites came out when the internet was still beginning to blossom, offering people generic bouquets with little information on who was actually handling their flowers. The design of the flowers suffered, many florists used older flowers to cut down on expenses, compromising the integrity and aesthetics of the bouquet in exchange for a cheaper alternative, and people often ended up with flowers that were not up to par.
Then, BloomNation entered the scene, offering a new option. The customizable bouquets and the push for local florists to bring their talent online has led to a whole new market for florists and consumers, alike. By trying to break out of the established, yet broken market of chain-online flower purchases, BloomNation has revolutionized the new age way to purchase flowers. 




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Founded in August of 2011, BloomNation is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and send unique bouquets handcrafted by local florists across the country...View Page

Employment Opportunities
A few of BloomNations biggest supports are large names in the innovation field, such as Ronny Conway, Andreessen Horowitz (AirBnB, Box, Facebook, Lyft, Twitter, etc.), Spark Capital (Tumblr, Upworthy, Warby Parker, etc.), and Crunch Fund (Square, Uber, etc.). This company seeks fresh, unique ideas (employees and interns as well) to keep consumers on their toes and allow them to stay ahead business-wise. Small, edgy and full of the entrepreneurial spirit, BloomNation is certainly a an exciting company to work for. 
The Job Duties for BloomNation Interns are:
• Curate content social media channels (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook) 
• Expedite florist web shop setup and catalog creation 
• Research corporate account leads 
• Online product merchandising 
• Projects as needed