Rated the top Honor Society for graduate students, we offer competitive benefits and scholarship opportunities for those who have moved on from their undergraduate careers. By involving the best of the best in the “graduate student pool” with the community at large, whether they are new to Graduate School, about to graduate from their program, or a seasoned education veteran, members are able to network with others in and out of their chosen field of profession to promote the highest level of good in their local areas. We believe in the importance of graduate students maximizing their potential before entering the workforce (or continuing in the workforce). Greatness begets greatness, and by linking the leaders of today up with the leaders of tomorrow, we can create a cycle of success. When searching for an Honor Society for a graduate student, we highly suggest you take a look at the multiple benefits we offer to graduate students: 


Honor Society Graduate Student Achiever Scholarship: This Graduate Student Achiever Scholarship seeks to reward an ambitious graduate student who has performed at a superior rate both academically and holistically. Click here to submit the application.

Graduate Student Benefits: Best-in-class benefits to help graduate students succeed today and tomorrow. Graduate students will gain access to Vault.com career guides, test prep discounts, and a Restaurant.com gift certificate--valid at 18,000 restaurants nationwide. 

Graduate Student Transition to the Workforce: Everything a graduate student may need to make their resume stand out, ace the interview, advance their career, and navigate the digital world through social media and digital communication.

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