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At the moment, all in-person Honor Society chapters have been paused indefinitely. The decision to pause Honor Society chapters was made in response to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. While this was a disappointing development, it allowed Honor Society to prioritize the safety and well-being of its members and their communities.

Furthermore, this decision created new opportunities to make Honor Society more accessible and inclusive to a broader audience. By moving away from in-person meetings and events, Honor Society was able to reach members who may have previously faced geographic or financial barriers to participation. Virtual meetings and events also made it easier for members to engage and participate, even if they had conflicting schedules or other obligations.

By embracing these changes, Honor Society has become a more resilient organization, better equipped to adapt to future challenges and changes. Creating a more inclusive and accessible Honor Society ensures that all members have the opportunity to participate and benefit from the valuable resources and experiences offered by the organization. We are exploring new and innovative ways to connect and engage with our members virtually, and we look forward to the day when it will be best to resume in-person activities. Thank you for your understanding and continued support of Honor Society.

Be an Honor Society Leader. founding chapter members are leaders and dedicated to building a platform for success for themselves and the rest of the student body. Being a leader at is not about who you are-- it's about what you can do.

Make an impact on your campus. Be a significant voice of a vibrant national community and bring tools for success to more students at your school. 


Build connections with students and faculty members, and grow a lifetime network of professional and academic peers. 


Connect your campus to service oriented opportunities on a local and national level. 


Stand out from the crowd with the experience of founding an organization at your campus. 

Linda Abraham

"That one quality that is valued across the board is leadership, and that is an opportunity that gives you. If you can show leadership within the organization, you can take the leadership reigns and start a chapter. You can show that you're going to add a unique stone or distinctive stone to the school's mosaic."

-Linda Abraham Board Member
& Founder of