Meet the Student Leadership

National Leadership

The national student panel represents an active voice of the society's current student membership. These individuals serve as member representation for student initiatives, ideas and events. The national board also engages with the staff to develop effective student programs and benefits.

National Represention

Below are profiles of's current national student board. The board serves as member representation and the collective voice of current student members. student representatives lead the way.
Stephanie Renfro

Prairie View A&M

Sebhia Dibra

Penn State University

Shelby Salzl

University of Cincinnati

Kathryn Guerra

University of Texas at Austin

Ashley Richardson

Indiana State University

Hailey Switzer

California Polytechnic State University

Madeline Diais

University of Texas-San Antonio

Jessica Ghighlieri

Washington State University


Student President

Student Board President

" is one of the best organizations that I have been a part of. I love the family feel, the dedication, and all of the great opportunities! So proud to be part of the team!"



Beatrice Georges
Florida A&M University