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Who are We?

Our mission is to help members maximize their potential through academics, leadership, and networking. We want to connect you with high-achieving, like-minded people to help you succeed.

By establishing connections both online and offline, members from all over the country are able to meet and discuss their goals.



Below you will find documentation about the benefits of our organization and our chapters. Feel free to reach out to our Member Services Team ([email protected]) or Chapters Team ([email protected]) if we can provide further information.
Why Join?

Honor Society benefits are extremely valuable for college students and beyond!  Download more information about why you should join!


To the Parents

Why should your child join Honor Society? Learn more here about what benefits we offer members.


In order to nurture member connections, Honor Society introduced campus chapters at universities across the country as a way for members to receive an elevated member experience.  Find out more about our Chapters.

Faculty Advisors

The most important role of the faculty advisor is to bring their knowledge and expertise to the chapter.  Download more information about being a chapter faculty advisor.

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Honor Society?