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  • Wtamu ( May-2023 )
  • PORTALES, New Mexico, USA

About (Summary)

I am currently a student at West Texas A&M in Canyon, Texas. I am studying mechanical engineering with the hope to get a job in Amarillo, Texas. I grew up in a small town in New Mexico by the name of Portales. This town is where I was born and raised and it will always be home. I am also a member of the New Mexico National Guard. It was always my dream to be a soldier in the United States Army and that is exactly what I did. I joined the Guard because I wanted to go to school at a young age. I have also been a Christian my whole life and that defines a large part of me.


Your Major

Mechanical Engineering

Language Proficiency

Honors and Awards

Don Sybil Award
Showed leadership in the school. - 8th grade
American Legion Award
Demonstrated hard work and determination in school. -8th grade
Highest GPA
Highest GPA. -8th grade
Honor Athlete
All A's while doing three sports. -8th grade
National Honor Society
Member of NHS
Graduating Senior with the highest GPA

Grad School Interests

As of now I have no graduate school intentions, but it that could change in the future.

Intended Job Path

My intended job path is to get my bachelors in mechanical engineering at West Texas A&M in 2023. I then want to pursue my career at either Bell Helicopter or at Pantex in Amarillo. I also would like to advance in the New Mexico National Guard and hopefully go to selections for the Army special forces.

Job Experience

communications specialist
At the armory in Clovis, New Mexico I work on all communication equipment including radios and satellite equipment.
February, 2019 to February, 2027
Did various landscaping jobs for Garden Source and for Cannon Airforce Base.
April, 2020 to August, 2020
Did various landscaping jobs for Garden Source and for Cannon Airforce Base.
April, 2018 to August, 2018
Farm Hand
Worked cattle, horses, and other livestock for a private individual as well as built fence and other farm activities.


Put together and delivered goodie bags to different hospitals in the area.
Buffs For Christ
August, 2020
Helped with Easter egg hunt.
April, 2020


In my free time I enjoy a variety of things. I biggest passion is working with my hands. I make a sell belt buckles, knives, wood furniture, and spurs. I also enjoy shooting for sport and hunting.


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