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  • Missouri State ( May-2018 )
  • Ridgedale, Missouri, USA

About (Summary)

Alexis is a junior at Missouri State University. She has her Associate of Arts Degree from Ozark's Technical Community College. Her major is BS in Mass Media with a minor in Recording Arts. She enjoy's graphic design, animation and engineering music. She loves the technical side of art. She loves the abstract but also tend's to love the details of making music and of learning more with Adobe. She loves learning and the things that she studies require her to always keep learning, thats what she loves about them. "I can always be creating something new and learning my tools better. I love the instant gratification of seeing or hearing the things I work so hard on come to life when I finish a project." She is very passionate and tends to dream big. Making beautiful music or making an image come to life has always seemed like magic to her and she has always wanted to know exactly how it was done. "I know I am still in school but I often feel like I am already living my dream because I get to learn about what I love everyday." She wants to make art that means something and changes lives. Through music and through design she will make her mark on the world and hopefully inspire people in a positive way to follow their dreams and do good to the people around them.


Ozarks Technical Community College
Associate of Arts
2015 to 2016
Missouri State University
mass media
2016 to 2018

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mass media

Language Proficiency

English (US)

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Grad School Interests

Alexis is graduating in the spring of 2018. She plans to immediately go to graduate school at Missouri State University and hopefully take a graduate assistantship. "I already know and love many of the professors in the graduate college here at Missouri State but I will also look at other graduate schools for media production to see what is out there."

Intended Job Path

Alexis likes many types of media including manipulating pictures and video in the adobe creative cloud suite and manipulating sound in Avid Pro Tools and Apple's Logic Pro X. She also likes the media studies in general, such as social media studies, media law, and theory. She plans on pursuing a career as a recording studio engineer but she also would equally love to have a job as an editor. One of her teachers (Doren Chapman) is an editor in animation at and she would love to do what he does. "I loved his class so much that he told me a lot of ways that I could get into his field." She is working to sharpen her adobe skills, keep building her portfolio, and is currently searching for quality internships.

Job Experience

Server Assistant
Big Cedar Lodge
February, 2015 to May, 2018
Resident Assistant
Missouri State University
August, 2017 to June, 2018


Carbon Trace Productions
Missouri State University
November, 2016 to December, 2016


Piano, Trumpet, Basketball, Graphic Design, Animation, Music Production


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spectrum club

rha- residence hall association

Traditions council

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