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  • SHSU ( May-2018 )
  • Houston, Texas, USA

About (Summary)

I am an eighth year teacher and have taught from Pre-K to 1st grade. This year I accepted a position as the librarian at my current school with the understanding that I will complete my master's degree. I decide to pursue my master's in Instructional Technology. I currently work at the Pre-K and Kindergarten campus for our district. We service over 600 students at our Title 1 school. I work very had at making sure the students have a safe and loving environment. In 2015, I present at TX Goo. My presentation was about Google Drive and the basics for new teachers using the program.


Tarleton State University
Bachelors of Science
2003 to 2009

Your Major

Instructional Technology

Language Proficiency

English (US)

Honors and Awards

Teacher of the Year 2016
I was voted by my peers as the Teacher of the Year at my current campus.

Grad School Interests


Intended Job Path

I am using my degree to be the Librarian / Instructional Technologist at my current school.

Job Experience

Crosby ISD
August, 2013 to June, 2017


Crosby Kindergarten Center
August, 2012 to January, 2016


I enjoy crafting and reading. In my spare time I also work on products for teachers. I love spending time with my husband and son in the outdoors.


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