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  • Purdue University-Main Campus ( May-2024 )
  • Thoreau, New Mexico, USA

About (Summary)

I am a Sophomore at Purdue University. My name is Alyssa Alexandria Nez and I am from the Navajo/Diné Nation. I live in New Mexico and have traveled across the Country, from California to Washington and Indiana to Florida. What comes first to me is my academics. Nothing else. I plan on graduating in May of 2024, unless I can push myself to graduate earlier than that. Completing my education will impact the Native American Community because it will inspire so many Native youth to aim high and achieve their educational and career goals. It will get them to start thinking of what Native American youth want in life and how they want to achieve their goals. I will continue to work hard and cannot wait for the opportunities that this Honor Society has for me.


Purdue University
2020 to 2024

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Language Proficiency

Honors and Awards

Semester Honors
Earned semester honors in my first semester (Fall 2020) at Purdue
Deans list
Earned Dean's List in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021
Phi Eta Sigma
One of Purdue's Top Honor Societies on Campus
Alpha Lambda Delta
Another one of Purdue's top Honor Societies, paired with Phi Eta Sigma as well.
The National Honor of Collegiate Scholars
NSCS is a community made up of students like me, those who achieve highly in their academic careers.
Joined this past month and excited for the opportunities that await.
Hegman Scholars Award Recipient
An award of $1500 based on academic merit
2020 Chief Manuelito Scholarship recipient
Award of $3500 for those apart of the Navajo/Diné Nation

Grad School Interests

My grad school interests are becoming a lawyer. After earning my bachelors in English, I intend to become a lawyer while also being an English second language teacher. I am determined to complete this and become the first person in my family to earn my degree in English and in Law.

Intended Job Path

My intended Job Path is to become a English Second Language Teacher. As we all know, English is the most commonly spoken language in the world. By teaching English to others, it will help them become accustomed to the world and help them better start their career path. Learning a second language is always good on a resume or good for a person to use throughout their life.

Job Experience



Horse Back Riding/Trail Riding Crocheting (Projects are donated) Drawing/Painting Reading/Writing


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