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  • ( May-2022 )
  • Springville, Utah, USA

About (Summary)


Maple Mountain High School
2019 to 2022

Your Major

Dance, Business, and Psychology

Language Proficiency


Honors and Awards

Springville City Mayor's Award
This honor was given to me after participating in saving my mom's life. In 2019, a gas leak ignited a home explosion that trapped her under debris among enormous flames and smoke. I secured my siblings to safety,called for help,and saved my mom
President of Dance Company
As the president of my school's dance team, I assist in organizing events, rallying our team, choreographing original numbers and seeking out opportunities in dance conventions and competitions Education
President of Seminary Class
I conduct the open and close of each tri-weekly meeting. I assign daily devotionals and assist the teacher as needed
Youth Church Leader
I attend bi-weekly religious services at our local church building. I participate in congregation meetings, and also help plan activities and volunteer opportunities for the youth ages 12-18.

Grad School Interests


Intended Job Path

I have a number of interests and intend to study them all as I make plans for my future. I dance professionally and feel I would be a great fit for owning and operating my own dance studio. I would like to study both dance and business as a strategy for preparing for this role. I also take a great interest in Psychology and have a desire to help others sort through mental and emotional blocks to succeeding.

Job Experience

Lemon Lime Influencer
I am an athletic model for Lemon Lime Photography. I research dance attire, poses, and shoot locations. I post on Instagram frequently to attract traffic to the business.
July, 2020 to May, 2022
Smoothie Maker
Orange Peel in Springville, Utah - I worked as a smoothie maker and cashier earning minimum wage
May, 2020 to September, 2020
Construction Assistant
I assist in measuring, cutting and placing a variety of materials on the job site. I also help clean up. Some of my favorite projects have included the creation of a tiny home, two A-frame cabins, and three "party barge" boats.
May, 2019 to September, 2022


I have logged about 20 hours of service with United Way this year. Most of my time has been used to organize ways for young parents to assess the physical and mental well-being of their children by demonstrating age-appropriate skills and teaching parents how to assess them.
United Way
August, 2020 to April, 2021
Volunteer assistant dance instructor. I help teach classes as needed for dance students ages 6-17.
Lifehouse Performing Arts Academy
July, 2020 to August, 2022
I volunteer my time public speaking to audiences of all ages. I tell the story of how I helped to rescue my mom from a serious home explosion, and the lessons I have learned about preparedness, compassion, and resiliency through that experience. I hope to inspire the youth in particular to be bold, assertive and confident while relying on spirituality and family bonds to find joy in life.
February, 2019 to August, 2025


Dance (30 hours a week), Baking (my chocolate chip cookies are legendary), Interior Design (furnished and decorated a Tiny House this last summer after assisting with it's construction), World travel (including Israel, Iceland, and many more), and Photography
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