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  • UMSL ( May-2018 )
  • Ferguson, MO, USA

About (Summary)

I am a college student studying in the field of English and Studio Art. English offers a wide variety of knowledge not only pertaining to literature but various cultures and societies. I hope to inspire others through the world of words as well. To travel and learn more about the world around us is a dream, an inspiration, and an ultimate goal of mine. Studio Art allows me to envision the world through many different points of views. Allowing for creative imagination and independence.


Your Major

English and Studio Art

Language Proficiency

French (France)

Honors and Awards

Dean's List
Dean's List
Roy and Hilda Bergmann Literary Award
For showing an excellent display of not only writing skills but want and passion of the English Major

Grad School Interests

I want to go to Grad School to earn my Creative Writing Masters.

Intended Job Path

I intended to work on fields of blogging, then hopefully proceed to travel blogging where I get to experience the world and entertain or enlighten others. As another personal enjoyment of mines, I want to work on fiction novels.

Job Experience



Playing the piano, writing, drawing, and other variations of art. Reading is another enjoyment of mines.


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