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  • ASU ( May-2016 )
  • USA

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Studying abroad in Germany was a fantastic and intellectual experience for me. While in Berlin, I took courses on German history, as well as the German language. These courses are pertinent to my interests: I hope to become a professor of Germanic languages and history. I hope that being immersed among the German people will allow me to master the German language. I have many German relatives I’d like to be able to communicate with! I hope all that I learn about history and form a broader and more open-minded world view. I hope to better myself and my character through experiences with foreign peoples and cultures.


Arizona State University
History, Linguistics / German
2012 to 2016

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Philology, historical and comparative linguistics, history

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Professor at University

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Swim Coach
Town of Gilbert
May, 2011 to August, 2014



Reading, Languages, Music, Rock Climbing, Slacklining, Hiking/Camping


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