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  • Alabama ( May-2017 )
  • Grand Rapids, MI, USA

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Living in the eastern half of the United States for my entire life, I am accustomed to the practices, mindsets, beliefs, and lifestyles of the people around me. Not only am I familiar with my surroundings, but I am comfortable with them as well. My mind has been engrained with certain principles and ideas; studying abroad would broaden my perspective in all areas of my life, as well as challenge me to experience new things and to learn from those experiences. Specifically, being a business and finance major, exposing myself to unique areas and new economic methods would provide a whole new outlook for me. People are shaped by their experiences and connections.


University of Alabama
Business and Finance

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Going to class, reading books, doing homework, and studying material are all routine elements of my life at the University of Alabama. While hammering home the American economic systems, regulations, and practices, my professors have exposed me briefly to the various economic and financial systems that are prominent around the world.


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