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  • Arizona ( May-2023 )
  • Douglas, Arizona, USA

About (Summary)

I am currently an Electrical Engineering student at the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ. I am studying electrical engineering because I always loved figuring out how things work and working hands-on. I am also very tech savvy and love working with computers, phones, consoles, and many other electronics. I am a very friendly and approachable person, and I also think myself as a leader. As the elder brother of two sisters I am happy to say that they see me as a role model and I will do my best to keep being an exceptional role model to them. In addition, during my time at Cochise College, I was elected as Vice President of Leadership in Club Trio, a community service focused club. As Vice President of Leadership, it was my duty to make sure all of our club activities were successful by taking a leading role in all activities and making sure my fellow club mates were engaged in the activity. I was also a member of Phi Theta Kappa, which is Cochise College's honors club. During my time at UA I wish to join even more clubs than I did at Cochise College so I can broaden my horizons further. Even more than that, I will do my best to succeed in my electrical engineering studies so that when I graduate I can have a meaningful impact in the Engineering Industry.


Your Major

electrical engineering

Language Proficiency

English (US)

Honors and Awards

Douglas High School Diamond Scholar (2014-2017)
Cochise College Dean's List (2019)
College Success Arizona Scholarship Recipient
Adamnson's Scholarship Recipient

Grad School Interests

After obtaining my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering I might consider getting a Master's

Intended Job Path

After I graduate from The University of Arizona, I wish to secure a job at Raytheon so I can apply all the engineering skills I learned from my studies in a real world situation so I can better help society.

Job Experience


As a tech savvy person, many of my hobbies include some time of technology. My biggest hobby by far is gaming. Many of the friendships I hold dear have come from a mutual love of games, and I simply love immersing myself in the many different types of games there are. Another hobby of mine is astronomy. Although I am still saving for a good telescope, the one I have allows me to admire the beauty of outer space. Every time there's a clear sky at night, I take the opportunity to look up and see what I can find.


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