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  • CCGA ( May-2016 )
  • Richmond Hill, Ga, USA

About (Summary)

After spending 8 years in the United States Army, I transitioned into the police force where I worked as a patrol officer, a member of the Crime Suppression Unit (CSU), and then as a Narcotics Investigator with the Hinesville Anti-Narcotics and Drugs team (H.A.N.D.). I left the police force because of the risk versus benefits of the job. I loved the work but I wasn't able to full provide for my new family with what I was getting paid. My wife is a Nurse so we began talking about future job options to help support our new addition to the family, our daughter Kendall. I went through many options and found that Nursing was my best opportunity. My goals once I graduate are to work in the ER where I can gain my critical care experience and be able to become a Flight Nurse. If that doesn't pan out I want to work in the pediatric department because at heart I am still a big kid and I know that I can bring smiles to an otherwise bad situation when needed. I graduate the Nursing program at the College of Coastal Georgia in May of 2016. I recently was notified that I received a scholarship from for a Member Spotlight video I entered. This money will help me to not only become the Nurse I want to be, but it will help me to provide for my family, and the OTHER new addition to my family (That's one toddler and one on the way...if your keeping score). Thank you for letting me spend a little time telling you about myself and my goals and THANK YOU to for allowing me the opportunity to show them where I am headed and helping me on my journey.


Univ. of Phoenix
Criminal Justice
2007 to 2010
College of Coastal Georgia
2013 to 2016

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Language Proficiency

English (US)

Honors and Awards

Gerald A. Zelling Scholarship
Foundation Scholarship from College of Coastal Georgia

Grad School Interests

I do have interests in going to grad school later on in my career to become a Nurse Practioner. This will hopefully happen after I have lived out my dream of becoming a flight nurse but you never know what the future holds. My wife is currently looking into grad school for her NP and I will undoubtedly follow her into the field at some time.

Intended Job Path

I intend to work in the Emergency Department once I graduate in May 2016. I need to gain critical care experience that will help me to accomplish my future goal of becoming a critical care Flight Nurse. I also have back up plans of working in pediatrics or on a orthopedic floor because children are our future and broken bones are just cool (unless they are mine). I always look to the future and the past to see where I have failed and what I have to do in the future to correct that. I think this is necessary in all job paths because we must learn how to be better to provide better care to others.

Job Experience

Transportation Operator / 88M
US Army, Fort Stewart & Decatur Ga.
June, 2002 to June, 2010
Police Officer
Hinesville Police Dept, Hinesville Ga.
January, 2008 to June, 2013


Team member
Coastal Georgia Association of Nursing Students
August, 2014 to May, 2016


These days I spend a lot of time studying because graduation is coming up fast but in the mean time..... I love to spend time with my wife and daughter. Watching her grow up is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. She is almost 2 now and just seeing the way she changes over the years is fascinating. I also collect comic books, something I had loved to do as a child. I read occasionally and recently finished reading Star Wars: A New Hope (getting ready for the new movie release in December). I also workout to better my health, which over the past couple of years has went downhill (weight wise.....freshman 40!).
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