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  • Western Washington University ( June-2025 )
  • Okanogan , USA

About (Summary)

Hello. Everyone! My name is Juan Farias. I have recently graduated from Okanogan High School with honors. While in high school I obtained my direct transfer degree from Wenatchee Valley College in Omak. I graduated from Wenatchee with honors. I am now currently taking my current transfer degree to Western Washington University, a four-year institution. Here, I have two plans. To either double major in both an Art Studio and a Business General Administration BA or to Major in Art Studio and minor in Business Administration. Another plan would be to Major in General Administration and have some sort of art minor. Currently, I am working towards a decision as to what programs to follow that best reflect my interests and needs. I am leaving for Western this fall and plan on taking classes that will aid me in making my decision as I have already completed my general requirements needed to graduate. With my education, I want to open my own business that combines the upkeep of running a business with the more lax atmosphere that comes with the creation of art. I would enjoy a restaurant of sorts that has an art gallery of sorts inside with pieces available for purchase. A portion of these purchases would go to rebupatble charaties as a way to heal the worlds damage.


Your Major

business administration and art studio

Language Proficiency

English (US)

Honors and Awards

Graduated with Honors from Wenatchee Valley College
Graduated with Honors from Okanogan High School
president's list
At WVC I maintained a 3.8 GPA and obtained this award
dean's list
At WVC I maintained a 4.0 GPA
Certificate of Accreditation
Upward Bound gave this to me after I was accepted into their program

Grad School Interests

Intended Job Path

I want to own my own business. As of right now, I want a restaurant of sorts. I want good food, drink, and art to entice potential customers. I think that those three combined with the right marketing and location could be very profitable. From the profits, a percentage would be set aside for monthly charity donations as a way to give back and to spread a sense of kindness. With the educational programs, I have applied to and am planning on completing I have no doubt in my mind that I will be able to bring joy to others through charitable donations as well as my restaurant's services.

Job Experience


I enjoy painting and drawing. I also enjoy photography and filmmaking. Overall, I really like the idea of creation and how after a couple of hours of work something that was once nothing is now an imitation or reflection of emotion or philosophical idea. Philosophy is also one of the interests that I like to explore, the same goes for theology and its intricacies.
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