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  • App State ( December-2019 )
  • Ronda, North Carolina, USA

About (Summary)

I have officially declared my major to be Sustainable Development with a Concentration in Agroecology. I am also striving to achieve a certification in Geographic Information Systems. My career goal is to work for the Natural Resource Conservation Service as an Environmental Educator or Soil Technician. I am finishing up my first semester here at Appalachian State University on the Dean’s and Chancellor’s List. I have enjoyed meeting new people, living in a different environment, trying new things, and becoming very involved on campus. During my time here at Appalachian State University, I have attended a national leadership conference, which informed me on outdoor educational opportunities and internship/job opportunities in my field (which I hope to take advantage of Spring 2017). I am a member of two campus ministries, “Collegians for Christ” and “Students on a Mission,” both of which I have become actively involved in and even traveled to Kentucky to see the Creation Museum back in October. I have taken a Self-Defense course through the University Police Department to protect myself and feel more confident if a dangerous situation ever comes my way. I joined Shag Club as a fun way to immerse myself in a new culture and make new friends. I am really enjoying my time here at Appalachian State University and will strive to always be the best I can be academically while helping and encouraging others along the way.


Appalachian State University
Sustainable Development with a concentration in Agroecology and a minor in GIS
2016 to 2019

Your Major

Sustainable Development

Language Proficiency

English (US)

Honors and Awards

Chancellor's List
GPA is greater than 3.85, while maintaining at least 16 credit hours
Dean's List
GPA is greater than 3.5 while maintaining at least 12 credit hours

Grad School Interests

I would have to work for a while before attending Grad school, but I would be interested in a degree in environmental science or communications.

Intended Job Path

I am interested in a career with the Natural Resource Conservation Service or an environmental agency. I enjoy working with the public and educational programs. I am familiar with ArcGIS mapping systems.

Job Experience

Earth Team Volunteer
Wilkes Agricultural Office
June, 2015 to July, 2016


Forsyth Hospital Basket Ministry
Charity Hill Baptist Church
June, 2014 to January, 2016


I am a huge fan of outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and swimming. I can play the guitar, banjo, and ukulele. I also enjoy cooking and traveling.


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