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lakeland, Florida, USA

Bronze Honor Society Member
My name is Kendra Clark. I've spent my high school years pursuing veterinary science, planning to become a veterinarian. This was a childhood dream of mine. However, I've recently been pulled another direction. I've found a passion helping others who are struggling with mental health and addiction. I became interested in mental health after suffering from depression and anxiety myself, and then watching several of my friends also struggle with mental health and also addiction. Because I know the struggle of dealing with my own mental health, helping others who are also struggling has become a life mission. I find satisfaction in being a positive influence on others who otherwise feel hopeless. I've maintained a 4.0 GPA, even while dealing with my own mental health issues myself. I plan to use this perseverance and my passion for helping others to become a licensed mental health and addiction counselor.
Intended Job Path
I intend to become a mental health and addiction counselor. I want to be someone who offers hope to those who may otherwise feel hopeless.
Honors & Awards
"ab" honor roll
I've had AB honor roll throughout most of my education.
national honor society
I am a member of the national honor society
honor cord
I am receiving for my AP classes
My art was recognized at a County level
certificate of completion
Job Experience
Hungry Howies Pizza and Subs I mostly worked the front counter and telephone taking orders and cashing customers out. I left this position to temporarily live in NW Florida with my mother.
December, 2019 to March, 2020
deli clerk
Firehouse Subs I worked all positions. I was offered a managerial position, but unfortunately could not accept due to the fact that I was moving back to Central Florida with my father.
April, 2020 to July, 2020
mental health counseling
Language Proficiency
English (US)
I worked the floor in the Lighthouse thrift store. I helped stock items and made sure the store was organized.
Lighthouse Ministries
February, 2020 to April, 2020
My hobbies include caring for my wide variety of pets. I currently have a bearded dragon named Cameron, a hamster named Pablo, three pet rats (two hairless and one dumbo rat). Their names are Meredith, Eleanor and baby hugs. Lastly I have a cat named Oddie. He's named Oddie, because, well you guessed it, he's odd. I also enjoy caring for my many house plants, I guess I've always been a nurturer. When I am not nurturing things, whether pets or plants, I enjoy drawing.
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