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  • UMSL ( December-2017 )
  • Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

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I am a student at the University Missouri- St. Louis and I am a part of the Joint Engineering Program with Washington University in St. Louis. I plan to study Mechanical Engineering to later become a design engineer for a golf club company. I am also on the golf team here at UMSL. I love my sport and have always grown up giving back to golf. Since the eighth grade I had been volunteering with Camp Shriver, a sports camp for the mentally handicapped. I was a counselor in that camp and I was able to teach these young adults how to swim for the first time as well as how to swing a golf club. Once I got into high school I noticed how girls were under appreciated in the sport and would rarely get the amount of attention that the boys would get. Because of that, I created the PYTees, a girls club within the First Tee of Miami that gave the girls a place to get the attention they needed, whether it was help on the golf course or help in school they received the help they needed. I decided on Mechanical Engineering after looking up what major I needed to get a degree in to be eligible to work for a golf club company as a design engineer; my major is just one other way I decided to give back to the sport that shaped who I am today.


University of Missouri- St. Louis
Mechanical Engineering
2014 to 2017

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Mechanical Engineering

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I plan to study Mechanical Engineering to later become a design engineer for a golf club company.Golf Club design engineer

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Camp Shriver
June, 2011 to August, 2012





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