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  • UIC ( December-2014 )
  • CHICAGO, Illinois, USA

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Livia is a graduate student working on her master's degree in nutrition and an intern in nutrition communications. She is fluent in Portuguese and English, and currently maintains nutrition pages at many social media platforms with posts in both languages. Livia is an active member of many nutrition organizations, including: Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition, Dietitians in Business & Communications, and Nutrition Entrepreneurs (NE). In July 2013, the HonorSociety invited Livia to become a member. She is a sensitive person and enjoys helping others. A dedicated volunteer since 2008, Livia works with causes she cares about. She received an award for outstanding contribution of community service in 2012. She also volunteers her time to help the NE group.


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Her long-term goals are to work in communications, and with wellness and sports nutrition. In the short-term, she wants to acquire a MS in nutrition, obtain national registration, gain related certifications, engage in public speaking, as well as continue to work in different areas of nutrition that allow her to gain more practical experience.

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Livia is determined, persistent, ambitious, rigidly organized, efficient, and responsible. She's also proactive and constantly focused on time management. Livia believes that her background, training in public speaking through Toastmasters, and nutrition degree from Brazil give her a unique perspective that allows her to bring diversity and fresh ideas that can benefit any position in the health field. Livia is a dietitian trained in Brazil. She was born and raised in São Paulo, and now lives in Chicago with her husband Kenny. See her website at


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