Loai Aljerf

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Damascus, Dimashq, Syria
Honor Society Member
American University Of Beirut ( September-2010 )
I got MRes in Chemistry from University of Damascus in 2010. I work in the University of Damascus, Faculty of Civil Engineering / Lab of Environment and a docent of practical sessions for Department of Life Sciences / Faculty of dentistry. I am a supervisor senior chemist running post-inspection activities which mean the results obtained and checking their degrees of acceptance (Data quality, consistency of sampling and analytical procedures, compliance, monitor and report certain activities) from two chemical apparatuses 1.AAS – 2.Aquakem Spectrophotometer. Samples are potable, industrial, waste water. My responsibilities are orbited to encourage and assist my colleagues in the lab sometimes to give them a technical assistance such as in environmental management (EM) system programs (5-individules), looking beyond existing data and coordination with other programs. Consequently, sharing the decision- makers in my department in some temporarily/permanently shut down certain parts of the plan. Till 06/20/2016, I participated with a scientific paper in a conference held in France and had successfully published 10 peer-reviewed papers (4 available on the web) in three languages (English, French, and Arabic). My scope of work: Analytical and industrial chemistry in addition to environmental science. For me, the more I have traveled, the more I learn, and the more I realize how big the world really is. As a result, I have visited many countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe and reached to a very important conclusion that the country with different groups of people have been meeting and mixing for hundreds of years, the genetic lines between the groups are quite blurred.
Intended Job Path
I am currently looking relocate to work in a highly reputation chemical firm (petrochemical) or even in the EPA or being involved in one of the UN projects.
Grad School Interests
I plan to get my PhD in Analytical or Industrial Chemistry or even Environmental-Analytical Chemistry. In addition, I wish to do my thesis in Air Pollution.
Language Proficiency
English (US)
French (France)
I have grown up with a heavily influenced experimental lifestyle. I am proud of to say that I found my true love with Research. I love to be diversified and I am constantly striving to broaden my horizons, and take on new challenge. Here are my further concerns: Basketball, reading, dancing Latin, travelling, social activities organization, reading and discovery.
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