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  • ( August-2022 )
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

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Helping people makes me “come alive“. Being actively selfless and giving back to my community gives me a purpose. Participating with a group built around loving others and volunteer work, I believe, has contributed to my drive towards mental health. The Kids Today Scholars Tomorrow group has taught me to the be the strong, independent, yet humble and selfless women I am becoming. The raw and wide-gapped smile that comes across a strangers face when they realize you are an asset to them rather than a threat makes me feel more than accomplished. I could even describe it fulfilled. I am here to serve others. Therefore as a student, I plan to have my presence leave a positive impact on every individual I meet.


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English (US)

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Honors Distinction
Graduation High school with a GPA above 3.5 and maintaining attendance

Grad School Interests

After undergraduate school I plan to pursue a master’s degree in Psychology and go on to become a Doctor of Psychology. With a doctorate’s, I will go on to certification training to become active in the medical field.

Intended Job Path

As a Clinical Psychologist, I am most excited to be apart of the extensive research. I want to become this generations’ new leader in research behind mental health. Creating an atmosphere where children can grow into the adult versions of themselves safely and securely is what I will work towards. Therefore I am excited to just meet at least one other student that shares a similar passion as mine. Who sees the imporantance behind my fight for mental health in younger adults. I want to partake in a community that respects my drive and consists of others I can share it with.

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Youth Leader
Kids Today Scholars Tomorrow
January, 2016 to May, 2022


Piano Reading Gym Knitting Roller Skating Studying


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