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  • ( June-2022 )
  • Commerce, Texas, USA

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I am a first year Graduate student at Texas A&M University - Commerce working toward a Masters in Finance with an focus on Financial Planning. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Sociology, also from Texas A&M University - Commerce. Coming from a family that was very poor when I was growing up, and having some hardships of my own as an adult, I made a decision a few years ago that I wanted to work toward getting myself into a position where I could help other families not have to feel those kinds of financial hardships, and I feel like the best way to do that is by getting my Masters degree.


Texas A & M University - Commerce
2005 to 2006
Texas A & M University - Commerce
Finance/financial planning
2021 to 2022

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financial counseling and planning

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I want to be a financial planner/advisor to young and/or lower income families.

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