Ogochukwu Elisha-Wigwe

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Oxford, Ohio, USA

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My favorite part of every flight I’ve taken is that moment when the aircraft picks up speed along the runway, right before takeoff. I’d shut my eyes and dream of life’s bounty of opportunity and possibility as I feel myself becoming airborne. It reminds me that there’s higher ground, that next step up— that room for improvement always abounds with every sphere of human endeavor. I believe in growth, continuous learning, and being the best possible version of me, every single time. As a Mechanical Engineering student, I am constantly seeking to be associated with like-minded, forward-thinking people who move at the pace of technological advancement. I love to be useful and to contribute effectively especially in a group. I have utilized the opportunity afforded me during my time in college so far and I look forward to experiencing life as an engineer in the real world. My interest spans the length of the manufacturing process, from design inception to the finished product. I am looking for an internship program where I can contribute my knowledge and skill as I continue to learn. I am indeed a trusted, cross-functional resource, partner, and collaborator. I leverage my experience, ongoing education, and skills in engineering, assessment, research, and project management to achieve demanding targets. I have no doubts that I would be an invaluable asset to any organization.
Intended Job Path
Design Engineering Manufacturing Process Improvement Robotics/Autonomy/Artificial Intelligence Mechtronics
Grad School Interests
MIT Stanford University of California, Berkeley Carnegie Mellon University Harvard University
mechanical engineering
Dancing Taking pictures Indulging my imaginations
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