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  • ( May-2021 )
  • Dalhart, Texas, USA

About (Summary)

Hello, my name is Rachel. I love flamingos and I’m obsessed with the color yellow. Archery is my passion and so is bioengineering. I’m a devout Christian and am excited for what God has planned for me!


Your Major

biomedical engineering

Language Proficiency

English (US)

Honors and Awards

president's list
straight A's
academic achievement award
academic achievement award
Financial Math
academic achievement award
Accounting 1
academic achievement award
Money Matters
academic achievement award
College Psychology

Grad School Interests

Intended Job Path

Biomedical engineering with a track in tissue engineering

Job Experience


In my free time, I partake in archery, hunting, fishing, Chess, card making, crafts, and time with my loved ones.


Current Scholarships
Upcoming and Past Events
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