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  • UT Austin ( May-2026 )
  • Austin, Texas, USA

About (Summary)

Although I am originally from Pakistan, I was born and raised in the Middle East. I spent 15 years in Saudi Arabia and 3 years in Qatar, attending international schools throughout my time in the region. I have a passion for working with numbers and hence I'm studying econometrics at UT Austin. I am an e-commerce business owner as well as a social media influencer with over 100,000 followers on a soccer themed Instagram page I own. I have worked with companies such as Amazon, Meta, and OneFootball in the past.


The University of Texas at Austin
Econometrics and Quantitative Economics
2022 to 2026

Your Major

Eonometrics and Quantitative Economics

Language Proficiency

English (US)
French (France)

Honors and Awards

Math Olympiad 2nd Place Medal
This was a math competition which took place between students across several schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,
Honor Roll
I was put on the honor roll for high achievement in my final 2 years in high school
Local Badminton Doubles Champion
I competed in a city wide Badminton tournament in my freshman year of high school, and managed to win the doubles tournament with one of my teammates.
School Badminton MVP
I was presented with this award by my school after winning the local Badminton doubles championship.
AMC Maths Exellence Award
I participated in the 2021 AMC Math Competition and earned the highest grade in my school, for which I was presented with this award
GRIT Award
I was presented with my school's 2022 GRIT award for outstanding achievement both academically and on school sports teams (varsity soccer and badminton)

Grad School Interests

Stanford Graduate School of Business University of Pennsylvania MIT UT Austin UCLA Columbia Business School

Intended Job Path

I plan to enter the world of banking or consulting after university/graduate school. I have had a passion for financial problem-solving ever since launching my own e-commerce business in 2019. I hope to apply the skills I have learned through managing a business as well as the skills and knowledge I will acquire over the next few years through my studies/internships on a larger scale for a finance or consulting-based corporation. I also aim to keep expanding my own company and creating more business ventures in the future.

Job Experience

Intern research analyst for Facebook
E-commerce business owner (Red Devil Cases - my own soccer themed phone case store)
Cashier at MC Compound Super Market
Cashier at The Austinite Market
Lawn mowing for residents at ABN Gardens (Doha)
Affiliate at OneFootball
Promoter for Amazon Prime
Advertiser for Little Shadow Theater


Athletic Council
School Events Organizer
Athletic Council
Managing book drive
Compass School Thatta, Pakistan


Social media content creation - Instagram page with 100,000 followers Stamp collecting - Collection of 20,000+ stamps from more than 180 countries Coin & note collecting - Currency from over 100 countries Playing and watching soccer/basketball/badminton


Red Devil Cases (owner)

Meta (former intern)

Amazon (former promoter)

OneFootball (affiliate)

Little Shadow Theater (advertiser)

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