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  • ( May-2021 )
  • Birmingham, AL, USA

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I believe the key to teaching is creating a spark of curiosity and emotion within students. Once curiosity arrives, the students will become more attuned with the lesson at hand and can create a sense of ownership within their learning through their individualized and heightened sense of curiosity. Students that obtain ownership of their learning can become empowered through the lesson. Going into the physical education profession as a graduate student has given me external perspectives from my experiences as a classroom-based teacher. I want to take the knowledge I am learning at University of Texas at Austin, combined with my experience working in schools internationally, and apply it to teaching in Texas. Through my master’s program I am developing a deep interest in emotional learning and teaching using the tactical games model (TGM), which I will bring into my teaching. I have explored ways we can engage more with our students, to make a connection, and help create lifelong, active individuals.


The University of Texas at Austin
Physical Education Teacher Education
2019 to 2021

Your Major

Physical Education Teacher Education

Language Proficiency

English (US)

Honors and Awards

Sporting Colors Award
Awarded for athletic exceptionalism

Grad School Interests

Emotional learning Teaching Games for Understanding model

Intended Job Path

Upon gaining my masters in physical education, I want to gain further experience teaching, then return to academia to study for my PhD. I believe there is a need for further research into students’ emotional experiences during physical education. In my first semester of graduate study, I carried out an independent study to investigate TGM lessons and their impact on student learning. This is the line of study I want to expand on, which I hope will have a lasting impact on Texas physical education. Passionate educators and researchers are needed to continue progressing our field, and I believe I can offer that.

Job Experience

English Language Teacher
Daegu Metropolitan Board of Education
February, 2016 to February, 2018


School assistant
Idea Public School Runberg
September, 2019 to April, 2020


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