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  • TAMUC ( May-2021 )
  • Dallas, Texas, USA

About (Summary)

I am currently doing my Masters in Business Analytics while working as an Accounting Professional. I have ten years of experience in the field of Accounting as well as Financial Analysis. Part of my experience entailed collecting, organizing, and tracking companies' financial information in the market. I also prepared financial reports for the companies emphasizing revenue, assets, liabilities, and the expenses to be used by the management as required from the government and shareholders. I was also assigned the role of conducting audits to determine whether the company was following legal practices and policies adhering to the financial instructions. These market review findings helped to prepare reports that showed avenues for preventing financial losses and criminal activities.


Your Major

Masters in Business Analytics

Language Proficiency

English (US)

Honors and Awards

honer society
Member of a Honor Society

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Intended Job Path

Financial Analyst, Business Analysts, Operation Research Analyst, Market Research Analysts

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Traveling, Hiking, Sporting, Watching Movies.


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