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  • ISU ( May-2017 )
  • Poland, Indiana, USA

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My name is Vanessa Richardson and am an active volunteer at the Cunot Community Center and student at Indiana State University. The Cunot Community Center provides many services to the people in my community that aren’t fortunate enough to provide for themselves. The Cunot Community Center has a Food Pantry, it’s a clothing and furniture donation center, we have annual holiday celebrations for the community, and we create and pursue fundraisers in order to keep the Community Center open and functioning.


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Cunot Community Center
February, 2014
Food Pantry


In previous years I was able to volunteer at the Cunot Community Center 3-5 times weekly or as often as possible while still working a part time job. Now, however, I am a freshman in college and live 45 minutes away from the organization in which I am dedicated to volunteering. Currently I travel home during the weekends in order to provide service to those in my home town.


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