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  • ( June-2023 )
  • Santa Rosa, California, USA

About (Summary)

Hi, my name is Wesley Wiese-Antis. I am a 17 year old senior at Technology High School. I enjoy baseball, rock climbing, and swimming, and if the opportunity arises I like to go skiing. Through high school I have been working to become an aerospace engineer with the sole intention of working on unmanned aircraft. There are many stigmas surrounding the use of drones as many see it as an ethical concern, however I seek to dispel that negative association by designing drones aimed at being used for humanitarian aid. To get to that point, I have spent countless hours taking on rigorous courses at my high school as well as my local junior college. While I could have stopped there, I also saw it fit to give back to the school community that has given me so much, so I decided to both join our student government and start my own club for people interested in aerospace engineering like myself. Currently, I am going through the college application process and am applying to colleges with the intent of majoring in aerospace engineering. Since this is my final year of high school, I have been putting in a lot of effort into getting as many experiences with my interests


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Aerospace Engineering

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AP Scholar Award
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dean's list
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North Coast Section, CIF Championships
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Grad School Interests

Achieving my masters in Aerospace engineering to allow me to one day have my own company. Working an internship that allows me to get experience in the aerospace industry.

Intended Job Path

Ever since I was young I had a strong feeling that I was given the ability to create. I have always had a strong affinity for hands-on work and solving problems through creative means. It is for this reason that through the years I have found my passion in engineering, specifically aerospace engineering. Currently I am working on getting as much hands-on experience as I possibly can. I am taking an internship class at my high school that is helping me get set up with a smaller aerospace company that will allow me to work on their team and get experience in the field. In the future I see myself working for companies such as Boeing or general dynamics. Specifically, I want to be a systems engineer to design new unmanned aircraft as well as improve on what we currently use. Currently drones are viewed by the public as spyware or killing machines, but they can be so much more. We are already implementing them for smaller tasks such as surveying or in some cases construction, but I also believe that they can see wide implementation in humanitarian aid. I understand that there is a lot of debate surrounding the use of unmanned aircraft, especially in foreign countries, however the way I see it there is so much potential for good. One of the biggest concerns with the use of drones, especially for combat related reasons, is that they often end up doing as much or more bad than good. I seek to improve these systems and make them more reliable, taking stress off both the pilot and civilians, while reducing civilian and soldier casualties.

Job Experience

job shadowing
Big Iron Inc.
May, 2022 to July, 2022



Rock climbing is a niche sport that requires discipline, physicality, and problem to be effective in. It is one of my favorite hobbies as it works to reduce stress and promote mindfulness. Hobby RC is another hobby of mine and is the practice of working on scale model vehicles. This hobby requires an understanding of electronics, mechanics, and other principals depending on the vehicle.


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