At Microsoft, each and every person is encouraged to give more to the world, empower the people around them and inspire them to reach for more. This is the motivation behind each and every person who works at Microsoft. Aside from empowering those around the world, the company seeks to empower their employees as well, so that they can reach new personal heights and growth. Each person should find their own meaning in the work they do, so that they feel they are truly making a difference in their own unique way. Microsoft does this by incorporating the following values into their everyday work:

  • Growth mindset
  • Customer obsessed
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • One Microsoft
  • Making a difference


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Looking to further your development in your career? Microsoft is searching for people with all different levels of expertise and unique traits to bring the to table in the industry. By delving into the world of Microsoft, employees can find their specialties and talents in areas known and unknown. Microsoft encourages their employees to reach for more, and to challenge themselves by asking the question "how can I make this an individual adventure for myself?" Your career and development can be honed by a good relationship between you and your manager, and your network of business resources can grow as you do. With Microsoft, the possibilities are endless. For further information on the benefits of working for Microsoft, please click here