Twitter Culture




At Twitter, they encourage employees to help people from all over the world connect and share ideas. If there is one thing that Twitter encourages more than anything else, it is expression. That is why Twitter was created. As an outlet for people all over the world to express themselves, it makes sense that they foster creativity, uniqueness and expression amongst their employees. As the world is moving and changing constantly, Twitter has established itself as a global real-time service, with the platform requiring a number of skills from all employees, from mobile infrastructure to analytics and everything in between. at Twitter, you will find yourself among a friendly team of engaging colleagues who care about their company, as well as the world. For more information on becoming a part of the Twitter team, click here.


Marketing and Communications

Twitter words with journalists, broadcasts and newsrooms to spread their story. Do you have a keen eye for communications? Perhaps Branding is somethign you're interested in?...View Page


Data and hardware are the backbone of anything in technology, which is why it is extremely important at Twitter. Do you like building technological masterpieces? How about support roles?...View Page

Media and Business

You may be interested in the business end of Twitter. Partnerships with individuals and organizations are the bread and butter of Twitter. Do you have what it takes to foster these relationships?...View Page

Software Engineering

From mobile apps to infrastructure on the site, engineers are what hold the company together. Twitter's software engineers are constatly coming up with new ideas and projects to revolutionize social media...View Page


Perhaps you enjoy the technical side of things, but you have a creative edge, too. Twitter designers are always looking to design beautiful experiences for users all around the world...View Page

Product Management

Are you a leader who motivates others to complete their work? From engineering and design to business, project managers are ensuring Twitter stays on top of their game...View Profile

U Program


Are you a student looking for a summer internship? Perhaps graduation is right around the corner, or you've already graduated and you're looking for a way to get your foot in the door. Social Media Companies are fantastic places to hone your skills and creativity. Twitter University offers students and recent grads an opportunity to get involved with one of the most successful tech companies in the business and unite them with other talented graduates. For further information on how to intern at Twitter, as well as locations that are hiring, click here.