Alpha Sigma Nu Rating, Reviews and Requirements. Is it worth it?

What is
Alpha Sigma Nu?

What is Alpha Sigma Nu? Honor Society Foundation, a trusted authority on the honor society space, will walk you through Alpha Sigma Nu.

What are the requirements to be in Alpha Sigma Nu?

  • Student members shall be enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs in a Jesuit institution at the time of their induction into the Chapter.
  • Students nominated for membership in the Society must have scholastic rank in the top fifteen (15%) percent of their class. 
  • Undergraduate transfer students shall have completed not less than one and one-half (1-1/2) semesters at a Jesuit institution by the time of their nomination.

What is the history of Alpha Sigma Nu?

  • On June 4, 1915, Alpha Sigma Nu founder, John Danihy, SJ, Dean of Journalism at Marquette University, held the inaugural induction of 11 undergraduate men, founding the Society. 
  • The first national convention of Alpha Sigma Nu was held in 1925, where the first Board of Directors was elected. 
  • By 1943, the Society had grown to 19 chapters and was moving into the new decade with its mission as the vanguard of Jesuit action and ideals.
  • The next Convention and the 50th anniversary of Alpha Sigma Nu took place during the 1965-66 academic year. 
  • In 1981, the AΣΝ Scholarship Program began with Board approval of a $1,500 annual scholarship at Marquette University. 
  • 2008 - The society grows to Record numbers, with 1,694 new inductees across their member institutions, over $184,000 donated to their Sustaining Fund by AΣΝ alumni, and 14 Alumni Clubs actively encouraged scholarship, loyalty and service in the lives of their alumni


What are the key benefits of being a member of Alpha Sigma Nu?

On their website, they list the following as their main benefits:

  • Seelos Grants
  • Alumni Clubs
  • Federal Employment
  • Internship Scholarships
  • Recognize Your Outstanding Achievement
  • Advance Your Professional Career

Based on the information, here is our review:

Our first observation is: This is a Jesuit society, so there are many more religious undertones to this society, due to the reason for its founding, so it stands out from other societies in this way.

Our second observation was: while this society was founded for students at Jesuit institutions, it limits the actual “pool” of members, though that hasn’t seemed to slow the society down at all. 

Our third observation was: They have an incredible foundation, with many alumni donating to a society that did wonders for them. While many honor societies have foundations, this one specifically seems very well-organized. 



Alpha Sigma Nu Rating, Reviews and Requirements. Is it worth it?

 Alpha Sigma Nu Rating, Reviews and Requirements. Is it worth it?

Alpha Sigma Nu Rating, Reviews and Requirements. Is it worth it?