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Lakewood, Colorado, USA
Honor Society Member
Illinois ( May-2013 )
After graduating in 2013, with a BS, honours, in Architectural Studies, I completed an extended internship in Sydney, Australia working for Steele Associates. It was there that I discovered I want to pursue a Masters in a similar field of study, Urban and Regional Planning. I also wish to pursue a Masters of Real Estate and the Built Environment, or a general MBA. I travelled for nine weeks throughout central and eastern Australia as well as the north and south islands of New Zealand. I currently live in Lakewood, Colorado where I am applying to graduate programs as well as job searching for jobs related to my fields of interest.
Intended Job Path
I intend to help build and rebuild cities in a way that utilizes the natural "free" resources of particular regions. I want to plan for long term growth and renewal of energy sources. In order to do this, I plan to pursue two Masters - one in Urban and Regional Planning, as well as one that is business related so that I can work efficiently and to the best of my ability, collaborating with professionals of different backgrounds - architecture, environmental sciences, engineering, cultural diversity, etc. I wish to strengthen community relationships as well as city infrastructure both those that are physical and those that are unseen to the general public eye. I want to work in cities that have the potential to become examples for the rest of the world.
Grad School Interests
I would love to attend UC Berkeley's Urban Planning program and am aware they also have a Real Estate program. I am also interested in the Urban Planning program at UC Denver and the Real Estate and Built Environment program at University of Denver. Depending on scholarships received, amount of tuition funds saved, I will go where it is most feasible.
Honors & Awards
University Achievement Award
Based on my academic standing in high school, the University of Illinois awarded me with a scholarship applied to all four years of my undergraduate degree.
Thomas J. Watson
I received a yearly scholarships for all four academic years from IBM for my high school academic standing and involvement in extracurricular activities.
Girl Scout Gold Award
The equivalent of the Boy Scout Eagle Award, I organized a group of volunteers to write as penpals to a group of transient first graders learning to read and write English, which for a lost of students was their second language.
James Scholar - cord recipient
Completed extra assignments each semester to challenge my academic knowledge and understanding
Gargoyle Architecture Honors Society - cord recipient
Completed serivce hour requirements to receive cord
Phi Eta Sigma - cord recipent
Completed service hour requirements to receive cord
University of Ilinois
Architectural Studies, Honors
2009 to 2013
Job Experience
Architectural and Construction Intern/ Contract Administrator
Steele Associates
January, 2014 to October, 2014
Language Proficiency
Girl Scout Assistant Troop Leader
Mile High Girl Scouts of America
September, 2013 to January, 2014
Construction Site Volunteer - builder
Habitat for Humanity
June, 2013 to August, 2013
Project Volunteer
Architecture for Humanity
June, 2013 to September, 2013
Architecture Badge Officer
Boy Scouts of America
January, 2013
Student Volunteer
Solar Decathalon
January, 2010 to May, 2010
Global Architecture Brigades
August, 2009 to December, 2009
I love to travel and maintain a travel blog sharing my experiences travelling as well as working at an architecture and construction firm in Sydney, Australia. I love to read in my free time, play card games, and hike. With a fascination of street art, I would like to improve my sketching skills and start watercolor painting.
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