Member Orientation

Member Orientation
Overview, Core Values and Branding


Honor Society is committed to assisting our members on how to prevent unprofessionalism, risky behavior, inappropriate behavior or commentary, and any other potential threats to our Chapters, as well as our members at large. One of our core values is to “Pursue Excellence,” and we take this phrase very seriously. By adhering to the organization's policies, members ensure they are representing the organization in the most positive and appropriate way possible. All Chapter must comply with the policies noted in the Bylaws, as well as in the “Member Honor Code.”

As of January 2016, all Honor Society chapters will be required to participate in LVBP. Each month, the chapter board members will present a topic provided by the National Office. The purpose of this program is to ensure that all members are receiving the leadership skills, are representing the core values of Honor Society, and are taking part in the benefits that Honor Society provides its members!

Listed below is an overview for all incoming and potential new members, explaining who we are, what we do, and how we help our members achieve excellence. Our core values and our personal branding guidelines are also included. Please be sure to read through each of the PDF's below:​


A tradition of success. Honor Society ® recognizes the academic achievement of top students and provides scholarships, career placement and more...

The purpose of this program is to ensure that all members are receiving the leadership skills, are representing the core values. For more details, please see the LVBP Personal Branding PDF above.


As we grow as a society, it had become more and more important to explicitly define the core values from which we develop our culture, our mission, and our decision-making framework. For more details, please see the Core Values PDF above.

Each month, Chapter Presidents will receive a training program and outline from the National Office, which they will impart on their chapter's members. For more details, please refer to the Program Overview PDF above.


Honor Society seeks to promote excellence in every aspect of a member’s life. These policies are in place to protect the organization’s standard of excellence, but more importantly, the well-being of our members. The goals of Honor Society include, but are not limited to: exclusive benefits, scholarship, community and recognition.


Some specific policies (For meetings, events, or otherwise) to note are:

  1. Foul/unprofessional language is prohibited. Also, please avoid using slang or street terms when speaking.

  2. Appropriate Attire. If you plan on making an appearance in your snapchats, make sure your attire is appropriate. (By appropriate, we mean wearing something that you would feel comfortable in around your family or at your place of employment).

  3. Public Ridicule of other members, jokingly or otherwise. As an organization, Honor Society strives for professionalism and leadership. Publicly embarrassing or ridiculing another member is strictly prohibited. Such behavior is not consistent with our ideals and and a member may be subject to disciplinary action for displaying conduct unbecoming a member of our organization

  4. Appropriate use of Social Media. Members are entitled to expressing their own opinions and posting what they want, but when attaching Honor Society name to it, all posts should be professional. Any policies that apply to members in life also apply to their use of social media when citing Honor Society or referencing the website. Take care to personify the organization in a positive way. For pictures or videos, wear clothing that is in good taste, speak carefully, and exhibit appropriate behavior.

Member Orientation

 Member Orientation

Member Orientation