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Gabriella Alisa
Rocksprings, Texas, USA
Honor Society Member
Texas Tech University ( December-2020 )
Home grown from the heart of the Hill Country, I grew up with a love for nature. As an only child I spent much of my time finding ways to occupy my spare time, such as reading, researching, studying, expanding my creativity, and enjoying the outdoors. While I had the ability to turn much of my spare time into productive activities, I would have greatly enjoyed having a sibling to learn and explore with. This childhood experience has ingrained me with the desire to be family oriented. My husband and I are striving towards a family with at least four children-the first of which is due to be born in January of 2017. This passion will be able to grow and thrive as my husband and I pursue a career where we own and operate our own greenhouses on our ranch for the purposes of research, the production of organic medicinal and culinary plants, and to educate others on organic, non-GMO cultivation practices. Attending college online as a first generation college student has allowed me to become quite adaptable to an ever busy lifestyle. Becoming wedded in March of 2016 was a profound milestone for me. The page was turned to the beginning of an entirely new chapter in my life filled with commitment, responsibility, and partnership. The beginning of this new chapter has also brought with it the beginning of new life in the form of my first daughter. This chapter in my life has empowered me, opening me to the realization that I am able of achieving more than I thought myself capable of. My new obligations as wife and mother have strengthened my abilities to multitask, to be adaptable, to be disciplined, but most importantly to be confident and in turn to have confidence in others. I have grown tremendously in my ability to effectively communicate not only as a spouse, but also as a business partner and colleague. My husband and I have enjoyed working together as partnered business owners in our construction company, G&G Maintenance. I have learned many skills that have honed my critical thinking and organizational abilities. Doing work that is hands on and challenging has been rewarding. The experience has taught me to gain initiative, to think on my feet and to maintain good business communications. These hands on skills have proven beneficial as we renovate one of our town-houses to put on the market in preparation to establish our residence and greenhouses on our ranch. When we begin constructing our ranch house and greenhouses, I will already have a considerable amount of knowledge and skills that will enable me to be hands on in the design and construction of the structures. Having a personal hand in overseeing the construction will prove economically beneficial as well as providing inside knowledge to the foundational aspects of our greenhouses. This input will aid in further planning and managing of the production of our greenhouses. This new chapter of life has been a challenging yet strengthening experience for me that I have found to be very fulfilling. I look forward to continuing my personal and academic growth as I strive towards achieving my goals and discovering more about my own capabilities.
Intended Job Path
I chose this major in order to develop a career where my husband and I own and operate our own greenhouses on our ranch for the purposes of research, production of organic medicinal and culinary plants, and to educate others on organic, non-GMO cultivation practices. In addition to these career goals, I desire to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible in business ownership and management, as well as organizational and planning development.
Grad School Interests
I plan on pursuing a Master's degree in Plant Genetics and Breeding through A&M University. After obtaining my Master's degree at A&M, I have considered the possibility of furthering my education by obtaining my Plant Breeding and Genetics PhD at Cornell University.
Honors & Awards
honor roll
Terms 1, 2, 3, and 4 in high school at Our Lady of the Hills Regional Catholic High School
placing third in 4-H BB-gun shooting competition
4-H BB-gun shooting
Alpa Zeta national honor society
Alpha Zeta is an honorary, professional society for students and industry professionals in the agriculture and natural resources fields.
Plant and Soil Science
Language Proficiency
English (US)
delivering Thanksgiving meals to families that could not financially afford one on their own
Thanksgiving Basket Drive therough Our Lady of the Hills
November, 2010
volunteering at one of the many booths present at the annual Marketplatz Hallelujah Night event on Halloween. Activities were hosted for adolescent children to play games at the various booths and obtain prizes as Halloween treats.
Marketplatz Halleluja Night
October, 2010
delivering Thanksgiving meals to families that could not financially afford one on their own
Thanksgiving Basket Drive through Our Lady of the Hills
November, 2011
cleaning up litter in public places and to plant native flowers and shrubs within appropriate public landscapes.
Beautification Day through Our Lady of the Hills
April, 2011
sorting out and organizing donated clothing so that items can be displayed for lower income families to purchase.
St. Vincent de Paul Society
May, 2011 to August, 2011
grooming, feeding, exercising, and comforting cats and dogs at the local animal shelter.
Hill Country SPCA
May, 2013 to August, 2013
feeding, grooming, and training donkeys that are rescued and/or wild. Training was in preparation for the donkeys to be relocated to good homes.
Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue
April, 2016 to September, 2016
Blood Donor
American Red Cross
March, 2013
My hobbies focus on physical fitness and health as well as regularly practicing traditional art and craft. Throughout middle school and high school I participated in track and cross country. The stamina, endurance, and motivation required to participate in these sports helped me develop a strong foundation for developing initiative and discipline. Today, I enjoy weight lifting and long-boarding with my husband. I find that these activities not only keep my health in optimal condition, but also provide a beneficial way for me to manage the daily stresses of life. These activities also allow my husband and I to spend important quality time together, allowing us to motivate, encourage, and take pride in each others personal accomplishments. I have taken several months of horse riding classes. This experience made me realize how much physical effort and discipline is involved in equine sport. I found the activity to be enjoyably challenging, and I hope to have a small herd of horses on our ranch in the future. My hobbies in traditional art and craft focus on drawing, knitting, and cross-stitching. Taking the time to participate in the practice of art and traditional craft has allowed me to expand my creative thought process, increased my patience, and has given me an eye for detail. I enjoy drawing an array of different subjects including landscapes, portraits, still life, flora and fauna. My artistic style and subject matter is influenced by my Native American heritage. Diving into this creativity allows me to remember to appreciate my cultural heritage, sometimes giving me a new creative perspective in spirituality, culture, and understanding. I believe it is important to maintain the ability to view different situations from different perspectives. This allows me to approach problem solving from different aspects on many topics. I also have a blog named Aloe Vera Greenhouse. This blog will follow me throughout college as I study horticulture and plant breeding. The blog will document the growth of my plant nursery as I apply what I learn to what I already know. My hopes for this project are to increase my chances of scholarships, to gain dual experience in book work and in the field, and to prepare for an entrepreneurship in cultivation. My nursery is currently made up of mostly pre-mature plants, so I will be able to document the progress of my plants from seedlings to full fledged adults as I prepare plant stock for my greenhouse. I will also be able to document the progress of the greenhouse entrepreneurship my husband and I plan to pursue as it develops.
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