Gwendolyn Harris

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Dallas, Texas, USA
Honor Society Member
UTA ( December-2017 )
*Current Student of University of Texas Arlington *Graduate December 2017 (Fingers Crossed) *Military Veteran (Marine Corps) *Eldest sibling *Love food/trying new food *Love extreme outdoor activities *Dog owner (two Yorkies) *Employee (part-time) *Wants to get more involved in/on campus activities/cubs/organizations *Married *Love traveling
Intended Job Path
*Government Job *Administration *Database Mandating
Grad School Interests
University of Texas at Arlington -Communications
Honors & Awards
National Defense Medal
Any honorable active duty service in the military
Navy Sea Service Medal
12 months active duty military service on deployed vessels operating away from their home port for extended periods
Global War on Terrorism Medal
Performance of duty in a designated anti-terrorism operation. Also awarded to personnel who perform support duty of an anti-terrorism operation
Good Conduct Medal (2)
Outstanding performance and conduct during 3 years of continuous active enlisted service in the U.S. Marine Corps
Meritorious Commendation Medal
Awarded to Navy/Marine Corps units for valorous actions or meritorious achievement (combat or noncombat)
Army Achievement Medal
granted to personnel for outstanding achievement or meritorious service for joint services conducted
Volunteer Service Appreciation Letter
Appreciation given for generosity shown, effortless time given to a cause, contribution to the organization, positive attitude, willingness to further serve community in projects to come
Sustainability Green Diploma Program Completion
Awarded credit and appreciation for services concerning the pledge that institutions will eliminate its contribution to global climate change over time
US Marine Corps Certified Combat Lifesaver Certificate
Course gives the necessary training and ability to treat and save fellow Marines’ lives if the time came.
Certificate of Commendation
Awarded for outstanding service and support
English Communications
Language Proficiency
English (US)
Child Development Coordinator
January, 2010 to January, 2012
Child Afterschool Activities Coordinator
May, 2014 to July, 2014
Student Management
North Lake College Student Veteran Association
May, 2015 to September, 2015
Community Service Clean-up
Irving Sustainability Project
August, 2014 to December, 2015
*Writing Poetry *Reading *Listening to Music *Cooking *Spending Time with My Dogs *Watching Movies *Trying cultural food establishments *Planning Surprises
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