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Cleveland State University ( May-2020 )
Intended Job Path
I am highly interested in social work because I feel that in this field I will have the chance to help others on a level closer than what I could reach in another. I truly believe in the importance of having the characteristics that define one as an individual whom others can go to no matter the situation and feel secure in doing so. I know in my heart that helping others is what I am here to do. In 2010, the summer before my first year of high school, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I was fairly young and didn't know much about what was going on or what was wrong. I sat there confused as I was comforted by a social worker who explained to me the situation I was in and the new responsibilities soon to be at hand. She welcomed my family with open arms and an open heart. She helped us be just a little more at ease, which turned out to be a greater blessing than we had ever noticed in the beginning. Though her voice was gentle, her passion was strong. I know first hand what it is like to put up a fight and how tough it can be, as I am fighting Type 1 each and every day. Even though at times I feel like a pin cushion from the multiple injections that I take each day, or abnormal/lonely for being the only one in my family and group of friends to have it, in my heart I know just how blessed I am to have this disease. Since Type 1 is manageable, I have had many chances to trial and error new ways to have better control over my blood glucose, and, although I may dread the doctor appointments at the hospital, when all is said and done I am fortunate to be able to go home afterwards. There are people that sometimes do not have as many chances or opportunities to try again, or who are not fortunate enough to be able to leave the hospital. I want to make the most of every chance I am given to help those who are not given that, as well as those who in general are struggling and in need of someone to rely on. I would love to comfort and help individuals cope with hard times and illnesses. I understand what it is like to need help physically, emotionally, financially, and so on. On top of the ordinary responsibilities each person must take charge of, I was given a whole new set of rules early on to abide by that others I knew did not have to being just a kid. Sometimes it is those challenges that set you apart from the rest. Each person has their own obstacles to face and in return they become stronger in ways that others may not have to be. I believe those obstacles help us from taking moments for granted and that nobody should have to face them alone no matter the understanding of them. People may not know exactly what it is like to live with Type 1 as I do, but what makes all the difference is those that go out of their way to try. I will do everything within my reach to go above and beyond to lend a hand as well as a heart. The past two years I have occasionally been helping take care of a nine year old girl, who was diagnosed with Type 1 at age 7, manage and cope with life as a diabetic. It has been incredibly rewarding being someone whom she can look up to and rely on, and I do not wish to stop there. It is my dream to work with the children at St. Judes Children's Hospital though I would be grateful to have any opportunity to be a part of this rewarding field.
Grad School Interests
I plan to pursue a Master's degree. It is often required in healthcare positions, which is my top area choice. It will also give me the chance to grow even more intellectually. I feel that one can never go wrong with furthering education, especially if it is where the heart lies.
Social work
Language Proficiency
English (US)
My hobbies include but are not limited to horseback riding, writing, and hiking.
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