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  • UC-Denver ( July-2023 )
  • Wheat Ridge, Colorado, USA

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Hello, my name is Robert Brehon, and I'm here to lead laboratory services into a new era. I have lived my life in service to heal, and unwavering dedication to knowledge. I have served in the military as a medical laboratory technician, and deployed to Kuwait. Afterwards, I joined the federal service to continue to work with our soldiers and their families. After having been widowed, I was remarried on June 15th,2019 to Rose Mone Brehon, who shares my passion for healthcare, and is currently studying Pharmacy. Shortly after we married, my wife and I moved to Denver for her grad school, and for me to attend CU Denver. Since then, the COVID-19 outbreak has occurred, and further reinforced my beliefs of how important laboratory work is. Please support me in bringing you the next generation of healthcare.


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Army Achievement Medal
"Dedication to duty, untiring commitment to excellence, attention to detail.."-LTC King
President's Education Awards Program
"Outstanding Academic Excellence"- President Barack Obama

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Laboratory Management

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My hobbies include tabletop role playing games, metal casting, gem synthesis, the Voynich Manuscript, writing, and fostering or rescuing animals independently.


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