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  • ( May-2025 )
  • California, USA

About (Summary)

Sophia Yu is a 15-year old junior at California State University, Los Angeles. She majors in B.S. in Natural Science (Applied Science-Health Science option), and she is Vice President of the Natural Science Student Organization. In addition, she will study Healthcare Administration as her second major. She was admitted into the university via the Early Entrance Program at Honors College in 2021. Before attending college, she had been a student of the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University for eight years. She was a national top Butterflier and a gold medalist at Far Westerns Champions and Junior Olympics for her age group. She is passionate about health science and healthcare administration. As an Advocacy Ambassador, she volunteers at Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), and she hopes to help achieve the goal of making the world without Type 1 diabetes. In her spare time, she enjoys playing piano and training her rabbit, Fluffy.


California State University, Los Angeles
Applied Science
2021 to 2025
Johns Hopkins University-Center for Talented Youth
Online Learning
2014 to 2021
University of California-Berkeley
Girls in Engineering

Your Major

Health Sciences

Language Proficiency

Chinese (Simplified)

Honors and Awards

High Honors, Johns Hopkins University
Students who earn High Honors achieve CTY Advanced level in math and/or ELA test areas.
Certificate of Character: Exemplifying Responsibility
One student in each grade is selected at Cottonwood Creek School to become the award winner.
Exemplary Performance in Writing
This award goes to one student in each school at Dublin Unified School District. Sophia Yu's "The Tree of Terror" made her the Award Winner.
Young Marine Academic Achievement: Gold Lamp
4.0 GPA in all subject areas
Young Marine Communication: Silver Compass
Young Marines who demonstrate strong skills in research and oral and written communication.
National Young Marine of the Year-Division 6 Bookmark Competition Winner
Drug Demand Reduction Bookmark design
National Top Butterflier & Backstroker, 2019
US Swimming Time Standard for Age Group
Gold Medalist of Swimming Competition
1st place in 50Y/M, 100Y/M and 200Y/M Butterly and Backstroke Events at Far Westerns Championship and Junior Olympics
High Points, 2019 Pacific Swimming Zone 2 Championship
One Swimmer who earned the most points was selected in each age group and gender
High Points, 2018 Winter Junior Olympics
One Swimmer who earned the most points was selected in each age group and gender
Dean's List, Fall 2021
GPA 4.0 at California State University, Los Angeles

Grad School Interests

Medical School for Endocrinology; Master's Degree in Healthcare Business Administration

Intended Job Path

My career goal is to become an endocrinologist who has both science and social science as well as management backgrounds. Becoming a competent doctor requires strong personal skills, emotional intelligence, and thorough understanding of humans as a social group. I hope to become a leader in the field of type 1 diabetes treatment. After college, I would like to attend a medical school to prepare myself to gain medical knowledge on the human body and the endocrinological system. Meanwhile, I would like to pursue a masters’ degree in healthcare administration to gain more expertise in understanding both the human emotions and behaviors and the management skills in running and executing a healthcare office or hospital.

Job Experience

Adult and Pediatric Advanced First-Aid/CPR/AED
Young Marines
March, 2017 to August, 2021
Vice President, Natural Science Student Organization (Health Science Option)
California State University, Los Angeles
January, 2022 to May, 2025
JDRF Advocacy Ambassador
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)
March, 2017 to January, 2022
Lance Corporal
Young Marines
October, 2020 to August, 2021


I volunteered for Native Plant Nursery at Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in Thousand Oaks, California. The service included transplanting seedlings, watering and fertilizing the plants, aiming to grow 30,000 plants for local restoration. I helped with seedling transplanting; to separate the seedlings, I gently pulled their roots off the soil and planted one plant in each smaller pot with a rich soil mix. Then, I put the pots into a bigger tray and transported them to a nursery where the seedlings would further grow and later be planted in the community parks to promote local plant diversity. My volunteer work allows me to achieve my goal of protecting the community resources. Local plants play critical roles in keeping the ecosystem balanced, and they are more accustomed to California’s droughts and will help the community achieve biodiversity and prosperity. My volunteer work also allowed me to contribute to the National Park Service efforts to engage citizens in alleviating climate change and its negative effects on the ecosystem. The work also brought more enjoyment to the local citizens and visitors because they would have the opportunity to see more local plants that represent Southern California.
Santa Monica National Park
August, 2021 to November, 2021
Volunteered at JDRF booth; documentation of the event can be found at; Distributed T1D brochures, answer questions, and recruit new advocates; Walked miles with thousands of people to raise funds to support research finding a cure to T1D; More than $ 1 billion has been raised for T1D research via JDRF One Walk events .
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) One Walk, the largest T1D event, San Ramon
October, 2019
Volunteered and helped raised $558,000 for Type 1 diabetes (T1D) Research; Assisted the JDRF staffs to provide services by holding up the bidding board and answering questions the event host asked about T1D.
JDRF Fundraising, 14th Annual Summer Classic, Livermore CA
September, 2019
Interviewed by JDRF and talked about the reason for being a JDRF advocate. Video published by JDRF at
Wipe Out T1D: Help Turn Type 1 into Type None! Santa Cruz
April, 2019


Reading, listening to music, journaling
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