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  • ( May-2023 )
  • Fort Thomas, Kentucky, USA

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Hello everyone! I'm a junior at Highlands High School and I flourish in work that includes a mix of group and individual activities. I'm a reliable problem solver, and not afraid to make decisions or draw conclusions. I'll thrive when I can develop deep expertise on a topic. I look for ways to contribute my knowledge to others and be recognized for the deep knowledge I've built. I'll perform naturally well in jobs where a plan needs to be perfected, filled in with details, and then carried out. I can also handle number trend analysis.


Your Major

clinical labratory

Language Proficiency

Honors and Awards

Grad School Interests

medical laboratory scientist program.

Intended Job Path

Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists

Job Experience


Volunteered at the Highlands wrestling club to help out with younger kids' forms and techniques. I attended the Fort Thomas School Board Meeting because of my passion to build up strength to help add wrestling to our extracurricular activity at my school. From there I was an example of why we should have a wrestling program at our school because it helps with Strenght, footwork, and technique which are vital things to becoming a better football player.
Highlands Wrestling
November, 2019 to March, 2020


Playing football, video games, and chess. I'm currently doing extra studies in anatomy and physiology during my off time as well.


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