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The Alfa Fellowship Program is a high-level professional development exchange program that places qualified young professionals in work assignments at leading organizations in Russia in the fields of business, economics, journalism, law, and public policy. The program accepts ten U.S. citizens and five British citizens each year. Key goals of the Alfa Fellowship Program include expanding networks of American, British and Russian professionals; developing greater intercultural understanding; and advancing U.S./Russian and British/Russian relations. The program includes language training, seminar programs, and extended professional experience. Fellows receive travel, free housing, monthly stipends, and insurance. Eligible students must be between 25 and 35 years of age by the application deadline. Students must also have a graduate-level degree or equivalent training in business, economics, journalism, law, public policy, or government, and at least two years of relevant work experience. Russian language proficiency is preferred, and candidates with proficiency in a second language will also be considered. The application deadline is in early December. For more information, please e-mail [email protected]. If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, please call the Office of Merit Awards at 202-885-1854 to schedule an appointment with a Merit Awards advisor.

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