Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Recipients

Take a look at some of's recent Scholarship Recipients. For currently available scholarships, please go to our Scholarship Directory.

Michael - Honor Society Study Abroad Scholarship (View recipient profile)

This summer I had an incredible opportunity to study abroad in the center of London with a group of about 23 people who study Liberal Arts. During this 2-month period I was able to experience the historic beauty of England. Whether it was Windsor Castle, the official residence of the Queen built over 900 years ago, or Westminster... Read more

Albert - Honor Society Study Abroad Scholarship (View recipient profile)

The Rome Study Abroad program from Iowa State is offered to students with an interest towards design.  Though many students are eligible to participate, the program is usually undertaken by graphic, architecture, and interior design students.   This is because these courses hold greater relevancy to the location than others.  For... Read more

Quinashai - Honor Society Community Service Scholarship (View recipient profile)

My Name is Quinashai and I attend the University of Houston. I believe that community service means investing into something that has been overlooked or undervalued. I was one of the many students who could not attend a university following high school graduation due to unexpected family finance issues. I felt overlooked and... Read more

Joyce Honor Society Community Service Scholarship (View recipient profile)

This honor really encourages me to keep on doing things that I feel fulfilled and meaningful. As a student volunteer , I have always felt my passion for community service. I continue to express my care and compassion with my clients, and I can share my ideas with staffs in the area of mental health care. I am constantly inspired by... Read more

Autumn, Honor Society community service scholarship recipient (View recipient profile)

By the time I was a junior in high school, my school and community had lost the lives of three of my fellow classmates by suicide. When I saw how the loss of these students lives effected my school and community, I made it my mission to advocate and support a very preventable and important cause, suicide. I started volunteering... Read more

Hannah - Honor Society Community Service Scholarship Recipient (View recipient profile)

My volunteer experiences have enriched my understanding of the field of nursing by exposing me to the real-life challenges and rewards that characterize healthcare today. The opportunity to be a part of a delivery team has opened my eyes and my heart to a path I knew I was meant to travel. My dream has always been to be a nurse,... Read more

Daniela Study Abroad Italy Honor Society Scholarship Recipient (View recipient profile)

Health in the context of Italian culture is a study abroad program that combines my passions for health and the law. Particularly, the effect that an easily accessible health care system can have on the quality of life of an average individual. This program outlines the advantages of publicly funded healthcare systems, in contrasts... Read more

Honor Society Study Aboad Scholarship - Algenia in Italy (View recipient profile)

I am so excited to be studying abroad in Florence, Italy this summer. This has been something I have wanted to do for as long as I remember because my Grandparents on both sides of my family moved here from Italy. So I have grown up learning about the language and culture from the stories they told. Now, I am finally going to... Read more

Yvonne Niyonzima - Community Service Scholarship Recipient (View recipient profile)

My name is Yvonne Niyonzima. I am an undergraduate student at East Carolina University pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics. I have been involved with the ECU Pirate Tutoring Center (PTC) for a year now. The PTC is dedicated to offering free peer tutoring sessions, academic... Read more

Livia - Graduate Student Achiever Scholarship Recipient (View recipient profile)

I am a health enthusiast and a wellness activist. I am currently working on my master’s degree in
Nutrition at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), with hopes of becoming a registered dietitian. The financial assistance you will provide will be
of great help to me in paying my educational expenses, and it will... Read more