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A Building Excellent Schools (BES) Fellowship year provides a $90,000 professional stipend to help recipients found and lead a results-focused, mission-driven, high-achieving urban charter school. The BES Fellowship features 85 days of intense training at BES‰ central offices in Boston, which include visits to the top 30 performing urban charter schools in the northeast United States. The BES fellowship develops Fellows‰ technical skills and the critical people management and organizational skills that often separate great leaders from merely effective ones. After the Fellowship, BES Fellows receive additional support and coaching as they guide their schools successfully through start-up and early operations. The culmination of the Fellowship year is the submission of a well-written, thoroughly researched charter application that reflects the best practices in urban school design. Eligible applicants must already hold a Bachelor's degree and demonstrate a history of exceptional impact in professional pursuits ‹ business, law, education, or their communities. For more information on this fellowship, please call Building Excellent Schools Program at 617-227-4545 or e-mail [email protected]

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